The rise and fall apart of London.

Welcome to Lockdown12 and thank you for taking the time to help address the current housing crisis crippling Londoners.

The purpose of this site is to give awareness to the unbelievably inept actions of our Government (current and previous) with regard to housing people that actually work and breathe in London, but due to current policy, allowing new apartments and homes to be sold to Asia and beyond (often to corrupt organisations or individuals), are unable to afford to live there.

Lockdown12 is a campaign to influence the powers that be to put the people of London first. The idea is make Zones 1-2 "no buy" areas, specifically only available to purchasers that work at least 70% of the year in the UK and hold a UK passport.

A Government e-petition was setup in 2014 to support this idea, but the general consensus was that a wider committee of people would be needed to support it and find a solution to present. In the near future the site will enable ideas to be added and voted upon, from this. Please support by initially registering your intent to.